The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers

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Reviews and Endorsements

"Five Patterns delivers secrets for success that crack the code for career achievement.  This book is truly inspiring and demonstrates that if you have vision, ambition and courage, you can realize extraordinary success."
-- Howard Schultz, chairman, Starbucks Coffee Company

"The Five Patterns of Extraordinary Careers is a book that logically explains and illustrates the amazing consistencies and patterns that exist in extraordinary careers.  The writing is crisp and the examples are many. This book should be read by anyone interested in pursuing a special career."
-- Terry Semel, chairman & chief executive officer, Yahoo!

"This enormously readable book abandons the usual “How to succeed in business” nostrums in favor of real life examples. The authors alert readers to search for qualities all of us possess to maximize our chances for professional success.  Even the most experienced readers will benefit from the fascinating stories about everyday people who became corporate winners."
-- Arthur Levitt Jr., former chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission and author of Take on the Street

"Spencer Stuart executives Citrin (Lessons from the Top; Zoom) and Smith drew on their experience with this leading executive recruiting firm as well as its contact database to conduct research for this unique career guide. Over the course of two years, the authors surveyed thousands of successful people they have worked with and conducted some 300 in-person interviews (with Meg Whitman, the CEO of eBay, for example). They then divided the respondents into three groups, including one of extraordinary executives, i.e., those who know how to perform beyond the requirements of their job and whose specific qualities they define and illustrate here. Although the title lacks the edgy feel of other career books, it is serious without being stuffy. It is also full of thorough, down-to-earth analyses supported by real-life examples and suggestions for implementation and further reading. Recommended for both academic and public libraries."
-- Audrey Snowden, Library Journal Reviews

"Citrin and Smith, through extensive interviews and surveys, have created a fascinating book describing what it takes to build a successful career.  It is replete with examples and experiences from proven executives, which will help in drawing a road map to achieving success."
-- Henry R. Kravis, managing partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company

"The days of career ladders are over.  In these increasingly challenging and complex times The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers provides an illuminating suite of knowledge.  This work is an extraordinary collection of insights into professional success - timeless lessons for employees, managers and CEOs.  I can't imagine that a read wouldn't trigger ten new strategies to attack on Monday morning!  Perfectly timed, an instant classic."
-- Paul S. Pressler, president & chief executive officer, Gap, Inc.

"Jim Citrin and Rick Smith offer more than conventional career advice for readers. Principled corporate leadership is an essential part of the authors’ equation for achieving professional and organizational excellence. Based on extensive research, The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers adds significantly to our understanding of how individuals and organizations can perform to their greatest potential."
-- Daniel Carp, chairman & chief executive officer, Eastman Kodak Company

"When it comes to careers, we are our own best guide, and The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers provides us with the essential owner's manual.  James Citrin and Richard Smith combine compelling personal accounts with breakthrough career principles to identify the tangible steps we can take to propel ourselves from good performance to great advancement."
-- Michael Useem, Wharton School professor and author of The Leadership Moment and Leading Up, and co-author of Upward Bound

"Finally, a breakthrough approach to thinking about careers based on fact, not opinion.  An incredibly important work for professionals and organizational leaders everywhere."
-- Stephen B. Burke, president, Comcast Corporation

"This book transcends the armchair conjecture about careers where people start with the vanity of endorsing their own alma mater and then retracing their own trajectory for others to follow. This is no hasty ‘how to’ guide shouting platitutdes.  Instead, this book asks profoundly important life questions, and the answers come from painstaking research utilizing multiple field methods including original surveys and extensive interviews. Equally refreshing is that the book doesn't offer simplistic, generic prescriptions, but rather provides the tools and perspectives to sculpt a highly individualized career plan that considers both internal self-assessment and external opportunity evaluation. Some of the most daunting yet rarely discussed career obstacles are examined in such an insightful way that readers will almost eagerly look forward to life's challenges as they will now feel ready to navigate them triumphantly."
-- Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, associate dean, Yale School of Management

"This is a must-read book for executives and anyone who wants to have a fulfilling life and career.  The practical and concrete insights gleaned by the authors from their experiences in assessing real executives and their careers can be applied by anyone committed to pursuing lifelong learning and an extraordinary career." 
-- Kate DCamp, senior vice president, human resources, Cisco Systems, Inc.

"The adage, 'with experience comes wisdom' is especially true when it comes to career building.  Citrin and Smith have distilled the essence of what it takes to maximize professional success.  Three hours of reading The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers can save aspiring executives years of ‘learning through experience'.  It is the equivalent of having a top notch and highly involved mentor."
-- Daniel Schulman, chief executive officer, Virgin Mobile USA

"What Good to Great has done for management, Five Patterns delivers for careers.  Impressive in its scope and depth and groundbreaking in the implication that ambition and drive can lead to extraordinary success.  Citrin and Smith are true career experts."
-- Jonathan Klein, chief executive officer, Getty Images

"We know that whenever you can help a person gain a sense of control, a first sense of understanding, a new vocabulary for the awkward first experience, a fresh mental map, whether in therapy, friendship, learning or partnership, you’ve given them a potent gift. This book, rich with anecdotes and wise with experience, “gifts” readers with patterns to help them begin to understand the skills, attitudes, aptitudes and experiences essential to the intentional design and implementation of a process heretofore limited to static and predictable “rules” and lessons."
-- Roger Fransecky, Ph.D., president, The Apogee Group, Inc.

"When I wrote EVEolution: The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women, it was to help the Fortune 500 recognize that this group carries enormous economic clout.  The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers will help this powerful legion to develop their professional lives even more effectively. The book brings new and powerful insight to the chairwomen of tomorrow."
-- Faith Popcorn, founder, Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve

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